Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Annoying Alarmclock

If you're like me, you reached over and hit the snooze a couple of times this morning. Every morning. Or even turned off the alarm entirely and fell back to sleep. (Luckily, I work from home and can't really be "late." Those seven minutes or so of snooze-time are the best sleep of the whole night, if you ask me.

But it does make it a bit more difficult to actually get up and get going in the morning. Well, a designer (Ena) has designed an alarm clock that might actually get even the most snooze-happy people out of bed. You'd have to get up -- the bloody alarm clock is buzzing around like a manic bumble-bee and you have to chase it down. In the air. Perhaps with a net, if you have tall ceilings.

When your alarm goes off, the little ball starts up, levitates, and then zooms around the walls and ceiling until you catch it and turn it off. Unless you happen to keep rocks next ot the bed to throw at the thing and knock it out of the air!

And then, of course, there's Clocky, which runs away and hides when the alarm goes off so you have to follow it around to turn it off.

Seriously, these things were designed by chirpy morning people to torture those of us who don't get going until we've been up for an hour, right? That could be the only reason that people are developing this stuff. They get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of forcing the rest of us to be "morning people!"

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The Tiger said...

Keep a gun in the bedside table. Work on your early morning aim. Take that technology!