Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Right after we moved into the new house, the beasts had one of their extremely rare fights (this is the one where the Adorable Husband ended up with stitches because he tried to take an eye out on one of those tree-support poles). We didn't often give the dogs soft stuffed anumals, since Uulaq tends to get pretty possessive about them. Well, they had a serious fight over one of the fleecy gingerbreadman-shaped chew toys.

Uulaq loves them, and apparently Rukh went too close to it. Huge vet visit ensued (she bit him through his eyelid, among other things) and after we got everyone back to the house, we went out to search for the offending toy and get rid of it.

It had dissapeared.

We looked everywhere -- no signs of recently dug-up dirt, no holes in the "regular" places, no tucking it behind the bushes or under the porch. We combed the yard for over an hour looking for the thing. We coudln't find anywhere that it might be buried and finally gave up, figuring that one of us int he heat of the moment had probably tossed it, or it was somewhere outside the yard. It had quite simply vanished from existence.

Until yesterday.

Apparently bored with the fact that I sit in my office do not amuse her all day, coupled with guys digging holes in the yard for new trees -- Uulaq has unearthed the four-year-old, dirt and fungus-encrusted chewie man from his not-so-shallow grave under the oak tree. It's all digusting and zombified and lumpy with unspeakable grossness and she looooooves it.

I don't even want to touch the disgusting thing, but she is carefully guarding it's shallow resting place and tries to dig it up every few hours. I know it's unfair, and I should just dig the horrid thing up and throw it away (instead of telling her to 'leave it!' every time she tries to dig)...but it's sooooo gross. I will have to find some gloves and unearth the chewie-corpse and dispose of it. Perhaps by burning. Ugh.

The NEW chewie toys have been dropped completely in favor of Zombie Chewie. Dogs is weird.

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