Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Poachers in Zambia have shot the last two white rhinos in the country. One is dead, the other may still survive. The f--ing poachers took the horn of the dead female. Obviously, these are not the last white rhinos around, but the six that Zambia acquired for their game preseve have now all been shot by poachers.

I think we should start actively hunting poachers. Round them up and shoot them in public. It might be a useful deterrent. Or at least, thin their ranks a little bit.

Although, perhaps we ought to target the people buying the black-market animal parts. As long as the market exists, and money can be made, some poacher is going to kill an endangered animal. Powdered rhino horn is primarily used in Asia as an aphrodesiac, and in folk medicine. Pisses me right off that an endangered animal is killed so some jerk can get it up. Let's ship them viagra by the truckload instead, eh?

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