Saturday, March 28, 2009

Apt Summation

I ran across this on Pharyngula today. I think it explains the problem between believers and non-believers perfectly. (This is an actual church sign, not one generated online.)

"Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has"

What does that mean? That believers should avoid thinking about their beliefs? Never question them, never consider what they believe? That's a clear advertisement for a closed mind, if I have ever seen one. Can't apply rational thought to religion, oh, no - that would result in...what? Well, probably a few people leaving their belief behind. If you apply reason and logic and rational though to religious belief, it doesn't often remain unchanged.

I don't think I would be capable of living my life like that. I really can't just accept and believe in something without thinking about it, without applying rational thought and a skeptical mind to it. If you tell me something is true, I'm going to ask you why. If you tell me you know the meaning of something, I'm going to ask you how. If you can't give me something concrete to work with, I'm not going to just blindly accept things. And as I learn more and read more and as more information becomes available, I'm going to re-evalute things -- a definite no-no to many religious thinkers.

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