Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Sparkle is Chagrined

The Twilight DVD is released today. Yes, I've read the whole series (and enjoyed it as rather light fluff, fun, but not terribly filling; the helpless-woman-with-too-perfect-stalker themes are a bit too much, of course, but it apparently appeals to the millions of teen girls who have totally immersed themselves in the sparkly vampire genre, but I digress).

Let's be honest, these are not going to win literary awards, but they are readable. But, if you were as annoyed by the too-perfect-isn't-he-beautiful vocabulary, I have a fun blog entry for you: I want to beat Edward Cullen with a Stick. It's great snark.

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Ann said...

I popped over to the other blog to read her Parody on Twilight - hilarious! Thanks for linking to it. I've had no desire to read the books or see the movie - but, my 11 yr old daughter's best friend - and yes, the best friend's mother - adore the book series. So now I must wonder just how nutsy these people must be!!