Sunday, March 01, 2009


Our fabulous neighbors asked us to come with them to Frasca, a very highly-regarded northern Italian restaurant in Boulder. It's gotten tons of great reviews, and it's been on our list of 'places to go' for quite awhile.

I can definitely recommend it. Loved the food, the place was absolutely packed (they have two tables that are for walk ins, everything else is booked months in advance, apparently) and the food was great. It's a four-course menu, small portions, fresh ingredients...yum! I had a lamb cutlet, risotto and egg, and sea bass. The Adorable Husband had duck ravioli and grilled sirloin. You can see the current menu linked from the site - it changes from week to week, with major changes seasonally.

Definitely a 'special occasion' restaurant, and a wee bit pricey, though. The wine list is more like a wine catalog, and they serve fresh cut proscuitto, speck, and salame from a salumi bar. Fun!

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