Friday, March 06, 2009

Have Briefcase, Will Grade

I talked to my sister today, who related this story about my nephew, Peter. He was in yesterday to get new glasses (apparently he is very, very farsighted) and when they went to pick out frames, he passed on the thin metal frames that all the other kids are wearing, instead opting for Buddy Holly-style black glasses, because "only nerds wear those other glasses". Definitely has a sense of style, the boy does.

He's taken to carrying a briefcase to school, and wearing a brimmed hat to school as well. Did I say style? Well, maybe "style" is not quite the right descriptor...but second graders are a weird lot.

Anyway, today while the class was doing something else, he sat at his desk, and wrote out a page of "homework questions". Then, he asked for a hall pass, snuck into the library and made 22 copies to hand out to the other kids in class. At the end of the day, he collected them and brought them home "to grade"

This is the point where my sister discovered what he'd done. He sat down, all business-like at the kitchen table, with a red pen and smiley-stickers, and graded the work that he had made up and passed out to his class. Which they apparently had actually done!

Not only did he write the page (with questions such as "who was the second president?" and some fractions questions, he graded them at home and will probably try to hand them back out tomorrow!

Kids is weird.

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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for PJ!! This kid obviously thinks outside the box, and that's what this world needs more of.