Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blind Partisanship

Apparently, the strong block of southern women voteres who got Bush elected in 2004 aren't quite so happy with their golden boy nowadays. His insistence on staying the course in Iraq has got some of them thinking. Support has dropped to just 28% among women (32% among southern women) for him in his handling of the war on Iraq. They are angry and concerned that there isn't really a plan. This mirrors the general attitude of most Americans, if current polling is to be believed.

However, what caught my eye about the article is that there are people out there (and I can't name one, so where are all these people?) who believe that Bush is God's anointed one.
Still, some Southern women remain stalwart supporters of the president and the Republican Party. At a watermelon festival in Chickamauga, in the mountains of northwest Georgia, substitute teacher Clydeen Tomanio said she remains committed to the party she's called home for 43 years.

"There are some people, and I'm one of them, that believe George Bush was placed where he is by the Lord," Tomanio said. "I don't care how he governs, I will support him. I'm a Republican through and through."
You don't care what he does, you don't care how he manages things, but you'll vote for him because he mouths the same platitudes you hear in church (whether he actually believes them or not). The fact that he says the right things, but doesn't actually do them doesn't seem to be important.

So, stupid and -- incomprehensibly -- proud of it.

Well, I'm the Queen of Sheba. I expect that she'll be sending tribute to me soon. It must be true. I said it. Wait! Wait! Isn't that how it works?

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