Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wine Lovely Wine

The Festival was fabulous! Perfect weather, lovely food -- a very enjoyable weekend. We started with a Winemakers dinner (lessee-- Salmon Seviche and a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, Spring Greens with a Champagne Vinaigrette and a Chardonnay, Orange Sorbet and a german-style Gewurtztraiminer, Elk filets and a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a lovely dark port with Chocolate mousse...luckily we didn't have to drive anywhere..the wine-fairy was very good.)

Nearly 7000 people mobbed the park, and tasted 200 wines from 43 wineries. It was spectacular. We met some lovely people from Utah and Colorado Springs, as well as some recent arrivals from Connecticut -- we sat and enjoyed gourmet food and tasted wine all afternoon. One winery that we had enjoyed before was not at the festival -- a call on Sunday morning revealed that they had not come because they had simpy sold out of all of their wines. They had only a few cases left, and were willing to part with a few of the bottles they'd set aside for themselves, if we made the trek out to their vineyard. Yeah! We sat and tasted their wines on the front porch for almost two hours, chatting with the owners and enjoying the perfect, blue-sky day.

We got a lovely trip through Grand Mesa -- the Aspens are just turning and the light at sunset is absolutely luminous. We had a second trip through the "scenic byway" when a rockslide blocked part of I-70. It took almost six hours to get home!

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