Monday, September 04, 2006

Parade of Homes

We caught the last day of the Denver Parade of Homes in Reunion (a planned community out by the airport). We usually try to at least walk through the houses each year -- the decorating ideas are great, and it's fun to see the 1-2 million dollar houses and drool over the luxury items.

This year, there was one absolutely fabulous stand-out in the six houses on the parade -- the Grand Cannoli --yes, named after Italian sweets -- but it was absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The other houses had some nifty features (a nice theater here, a cool wine cellar, basement bar, etc) but this house was stunning, top to bottom. The Tuscan-style house has open courtyards, lots of indoor-outdoor spaces, and a truly amazing, two-tier kitchen. I'm in love. I'm especially in love with the his-and-hers bathroom (on the bottom of the floorplan above) and the vaulted kitchen -- it has a "back kitchen" and a "front kitchen".

Of course, I don't have a cool 2 million to move in. Sigh.

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