Thursday, September 21, 2006

Setting a Good Example

During his speech at the UN, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chaves said that US President Bush was "the devil" and proceeded to roundly criticize US, UN, and world policy.

His words -- and the half-joking reference to the podium carrying a whiff of sulphur -- have been decried as arrogant, unfitting of a leader, rude. He was out of line, Condi Rice said, and various talking heads have been discussing his obviously uncivilized behavior.

But, you know? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Bush has used every speech in the last few years to call other world leaders evil, fascist, evildoers, whatever the buzzword of the week is. Frankly, this is a well-deserved dose of his own medicine.
"...Given the administration's propensity to call other governmental leaders evil, fascist and Hitler-esque, was Chavez's speech really such a radical departure from what has become a routine standard of political discourse between nations? ..."
That's our Bush....lowering standards all over the planet.

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