Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ok, is there something about a Harley Davidson motorcyle that requires that they be revved for twenty minutes before riding?

Two of our neighbors have Harleys (for a total of three bikes in our culdesac). Every single time they go out riding -- which tends to start fairly early in the morning on nice days -- they start up the bikes and then apparently sit there, revving the damn things for fifteen minutes or more.

It's LOUD. It sounds vaguely like a huge animal with bad gas. I just don't get it. Well, I don't get the weird fascination people have these loud, obnoxious bikes anyways, but the start-it-up-and-rev-it-loudly is even more of a puzzle to me. Is it some sort of mating call to let all the other Harley riders out there know that you are joining the pack today?

Now, they are nice neighbors, and we like them just fine. I'm just puzzled by this seeming need to "warm up" the bikes on these lovely autumn days.


The Tiger said...

Part of the fun of owning a bike like that is warming it up. Although my 1982 Yamaha actually needed warming up for a little while or it would die on the road. But that is a 25 year old bike that I bought for ~$1500, whereas Harleys cost about 10x that. Or more...

Rainman said...

I know what you mean, and they always warm the bikes up in the mornings (and usually on the weekends or holidays) when everyone elso is usually asleep. It never happens though on the mornings when you are up early and going to work, just the ones that you want to sleep in on!