Friday, September 01, 2006

The Great Book Migration

The basement has been finished for a few weeks now (finally!) and I have all these lovely bookshelves to fill down there. When I mentioned this to a friend, he sighed and pointed out how much work it was going to be. And exercise, he said helpfully, from hauling all those books down the stairs.

Well, I have a two-wheeler for that. But as for me, I look on this as a great Reorganization and Classification Opportunity. Which books shall I move downstairs? Just the new ones, willy nilly? Or perhaps all the travel books, or language books and dictionaries? Maybe the history books or home improvement books? Technical books? Fiction?

Ooh, the possibilities are endless! It's a chance to actually go through the books and organize them, since with the roughly 70' of new shelving, it is quite likely that every book will have shelfspace (as opposed to the current model, where nearly every horizontal surface has a book or two piled on it).

Personally, I like the 'books everywhere' decorating plan. But, it does get a bit overwhelming, and the Adorable Husband has begun to fidget and twitch when the piles get too high. He, of course, laughed heartily at my obvious excitement about going through the books once again. Because, of course, I have already gone through ALL the books in the house to scan them into Book Collector and track them by title, cover picture, etc. He's joking that I'll have them Dewey-decimalized by the time I'm done.

Obviously, I'm a repressed Librarian. I wonder what sort of career change that would make?

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