Saturday, September 30, 2006

These Boots are Made For Walkin'

Octopusses apparently are starting to walk upright. Well, not exactly upright, but they are walking on two of their appendages and using the rest as camouflage. They're bundling themselves up and heading off down the road. They seem to be quite good at it.
Octopuses normally travel along the ocean floor using all or many of their eight arms in a sort of crawl. Their muscles are supported by fluid and not bone. Using underwater video, the scientists analyzed the strides of Octopus marginatus and Octopus aculeatus. For both species, each walking arm stayed in contact with the sandy ocean floor for more than half of the stride, qualifying the pitter patter of two octopus arms as official walking.
If you've got IE or Firefox, you can see the video here. It's really...odd. But then again, octopusses are actualy quite smart, can solve puzzles, and are capable of some astounding feats of agility. [from May2005, found after 'random google page']

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The Tiger said...

Ain't it "octopi"? You know, iff'n we're gonna use right English 'n stuff?