Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day Two!

Day two of the Great Off. I think I'm past that weird, nagging anxiety that I've forgotten something, or missed something. It's the oddest sensation, like not remembering if you've turned off the stove or forgotten to sign your tax return.

Yesterday was a bunch of errands and it never quite sank in that I'm OFF. The most strenuous thing I did today was walk to the mailbox. Started a new xstitch chart and basically nested inthe corner of the couch with movies on all day. It makes the Adorable Husband twitchy to watch me stitch, but it really makes me rather calm. Of source, I spent hours on Sunday (during the football game) putting floss in bags and printing out labels for them. Yup. I'm strange.

The plan tomorrow involves going through at least one box of books in the basement and culling out the paperbacks that can go to the used book store. Not that I can take them -- I get sweaty palms just thinking about taking them . The Adorable Husband will have to do it. There are still a dozen or more big boxes of books inthe basement that haven't been opened since we moved to Colorado. They were in the attic for 12 years. It might take a while.

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