Thursday, January 12, 2006


The adorable husband just called to gloat the has the Best Job in the World. He's standing atop the mountain in 7" of new powder at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Ostensibly, he's at a cardiac conference thing for work. But the schedule actually includes about five hours of skiing a day and the conference package included the lift tickets. They cut out about 10am and then return to the conference at 4. It's on the agenda.

I don't even ski, and this just sounds unfair!

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laurafingerson said...

The lift tickets were included? Man, I had to pay for a self-guided walking tour at one of my sociology conferences. Can you believe it? $2 for a pamphlet. It was indeed kinda cool, but sociologists are poor and cheap.

Oh, oh, oh -- that sounds so super swell I can't even stand it. John and I are insanely jealous. Or rather, I am insanely jealous, and I bet I speak for John, too. I am sure Mark is having FUN! And appreciating every moment!