Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Look, mama, a Ho!

When my nephew was about three, Nin took him to see Santa at the mall for a picture. She prepped him for weeks on how Santa was a jolly old fellow, how nice and how fun it would be. Santa would laugh, "Ho ho ho!" and Mr. P would get his picture taken and tell
Santa what toys he wanted.

Well primed by mom to expect a jolly, laughing elf, he arrived at the mall, spied the red-suited Santa and announced loudly to all and sundry, "Look mama, it's a Ho ho! It's a HO!"

Now that the holidays are over, we can look back fondly on them and laugh a little. This immensely funny collection of scary Santa pictures is worth a giggle or two. Quite a few of those Santas look a bit worse for wear, and many more are downright disreputable. But, the traditional holiday picture of kids with Santa survives...boozy Santa or no.

I'm a bit frightened of the Santa in #5, myself., so I can sympathize with the screaming kids.

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