Tuesday, January 31, 2006

That 70s show

We've succumbed. We searched all over and do not have a fondue pot and so we must get one. I don't ever remember having fondue at home when I was a kid -- but then again, we had Jenna. Letting her loose with sharp forks and boiling oil would not be a good idea (at her wedding, we dubbed her 'Walks-with-Fire' because of concerns she'd light the altercloth on fire while doing the unity candle thing. Graceful and adept, she is not. She's a worse klutz than I am). We tended to avoid anything that might actually combust and traditional fondue is oil-based. Boiling oil and weapons, not a good combination in our household.

The adorable husband, though, had a raclette maker (not quite fondue, but with melted cheese and flames) at their house that actually involved having to rewire a kitchen outlet and basically broiled potatoes and cheese at the table. They, obviously, did not have a Jenna!

Fondue is actually making a comeback, but I have to admit that when I think of it, it involves a Harvest Gold Rival fondue pot (perhaps Avocado, if you were trying for something different) and gold shag carpet. I can't help it. It's just so...so... 70s.

According to The Food Network, there are some weird fondue traditions, including:
If a woman drops her cube of bread or meat off her fondue fork and into the pot, she must kiss all the men at the table.

If a man drops food off his fork into the pot, he must supply another bottle of wine for the table.

According to tradition, you must drink wine, not cold water, with fondue.

This all sounds like a weird 70s rave party, if you ask me. Drink a lot of wine, shed that polyester print jacket, and party down. But, as I said, it's gaining popularity again -- because it's pretty dang good.

There's a lovely restaurant near us (The Melting Pot) that does fondue, and the New Years Feast is fondue...and I'm craving the ability to do lovely Emmenthaler/Gruyer cheese fondue at home. And chocolate. Don't forget the chocolate. Yum!
[note: I snagged the image above from an auction page, and I did not hear back from the owner of the page. If this is your pic - please drop me a note]


Anonymous said...

You do not want the pot that is shown. Believe me. I had one of those once. Go electric! :-)


Anonymous said...

Actually, if you really do want one of those, you can have my copper one that sits on a copper plate.


Phouka said...

We ended up with an all-clad 3 qt pot, stainless steel -- although it is one that uses the fuel cans, not an electric one. It has a ceramic insert for cheese and chocolate, and is very, very sturdy. I think we're probably safe...as long as we don't invite Jenna!