Friday, January 13, 2006

Guerilla Brownies

I was seriously taken advantage by the adorable brownie troop selling Girl Scout cookies in my neighborhood today. At first, a pair of them knocked and (as I usually do) I bought two boxes from each of them. Can't have too many boxes of Thin Mints, if you ask me.

Half an hour later, a second pair of brownies arrive. I explain that I already bought boxes from the other girls but the younger one looked so sad that I bought another box from each of them.

They apparently told the entire troop (which had been spread out in our neighborhood) and over the next two hours, a series of adorable little girls in Brownie outfits knocked on my door.

I am a pushover. I now have something like 12 boxes of cookies arriving in February. And that's assuming they stop coming to my house!

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