Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Longer History of Time?

I just picked up an interesting new book, Sex, Time and Power by Leonard Shlain. Basically, his theory is that women have been responsible for the shaping of human evolution, for writing, and the concept of 'time". I've only read the intro so far, where the author explains the basis for many of his theories -- women have a lower level of iron in their blood (which an early attending doctor explained to him as "women bleed, men don't", a highly unsatisfactory answer that prompted Dr. Shlain to continue his investigation) and thus organized early family groups to gain a provider for that iron (meat). An odd premise for what looks to be a thought-provoking read. The reviews at Amazon seem promise.

I'l let you know. I've had good luck picking books from the remaindered pile lately. Sex with Kings, a history of the courtesans, Royal Mistresses, and whores who wielded tremendous power during the reigns of early kings in England and France, was another interesting book.

Other things on the current reading pile, preparing for The Great Time-off:
Eight more hours of work. Eight!

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