Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dungeon Construction Day 10

Things are definitely looking up! More walls today, and the plumber is finally finished with the rough-in (and inadvertently left the hot water off at the hot water heater, go figure). Things are beginning to take shape pretty well!

The electricians have been here for two days following the spiffy color plan that I did -- they got most of the lighting done and the outlets (in the walls that are up) and started pulling the speaker wire and subwoofer cables. They had a hard time getting things even, since the studs on one side of the room are not aligned at all with the studs on the other side of the room, but they managed to get the boxes for all the sconces in, and the subwoofer wire, and the boxes for the speakers, and all the enormous cables from the receiver to the projector.

The rough inspections are initially scheduled for tomorrow, but I think they not going to make that -- there are still quite a few of the soffits that need to be built, and they have to be in place before the wiring can be finished. They can inspect the plumbing and HVAC, I guess, but not the framing yet. Maybe they'll postpone a day or so.

The electricians have been great -- Doug and Dom have been incredibly conscientious about getting the speakers in the right place, actually made up a block to make sure that the outlets are all at the same level, and have moved switches and boxes specifically to make things look nice. I really appreciate it. I'm a bit overly-controlling about the whole thing (what with color schematics and bulletted lists of "things to do!" and they take it all in stride -- in fact, they have come upstairs to ask questions about things a few times to day, which is nice. I try to make sure that I don't bother them during the day, which is awfully hard for me.

The rest of the wiring tomorrow, and hopefully the rest of the soffits. The theater is off-center, but that's just becuase it's a narrow room and we have to cover up the hvac vents on the left, but want to have as little "low" ceiling as possible -- the Adorable husband will definitely brain himself if we aren't careful. And no, I'm not trying to hide his identity...he thought it was funny to refuse to let me take a picture of him to share with my imaginary online friends. Hah!

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I thought it was a clever head shield.