Friday, April 21, 2006

Dungeon Construction: Day 7

I'm absolutely sure that the electrician and his helper, and Ethan were all doing some major eye-rolling after our walkthrough last night. You've seen the lighting and speaker layout that I did for the basement, and we walked through to make sure that they understood exactly what I want and where things go. I had charts. I had color charts. And specific measurements (e.g., mount outlet plates 12" from floor).

The electrician had some good ideas to balance things out a bit, and moved a few switches, but I was able to emphasize that things need to be right and the outlets need to be even and all that stuff that makes me nuts. They all laughed -- but the last time we had an electrician in, he ended up using a laser-level to make sure the outlets were at the same height.

No work today, though. With a couple of jobs going, scheduling seems to be tight. They'll be here tomorrow (Saturday) to wrap up the framing and get all the soffits built.

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laurafingerson said...

At least you *know* you're a bit of an organized control nutter. Then, everyone can be entertained by your color-coded specifications and laser levels. If you thought the rest of the world was special like you and did such things, then there really would be some grumpiness (think Sandra Bullock's character in Crash). As for now, just think of all the great stories the electrician will tell around his electrician-buddy-fire at night!