Friday, April 14, 2006

Dungeon Construction: Day 2

Much noise and activity today! The framing crew was at work by 8:30 (despite being completely lost for half an hour) and were soon soon laying out the base plates and fastening them in with a concrete nailer, which uses .22 shells to drive nails into the concrete floor. In Colorado, we have to have suspended walls, because the ground here is notorious for heaving. We haven't had any problems in our house in the three years we've been here, but it's common practice. So, the base plates are put down, fastened into the floor, and then the walls are set a few inches above that, held in place with long nails.

They got a lot done today -- the theater is mostly framed in, the wine cellar has the interior wall in place (it's being built with a doubled 2x4 wall for insulation) and the bathroom is mostly framed in. It's looking good!

The light fixtures I ordered last week showed up today (we bought the sconces to match those upstairs, since I found them online for half the price even the contractor could get them for.

I ordered the projector today from, and just got an email that it shipped. It will be here Monday. The package comes with the projector, 106" screen, dvd player, power supply thing, remote, and cables. We will be looking for speakers this weekend, if anyone has suggestions.

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Thanks for the photos and updates! Ruth