Tuesday, April 11, 2006

007 No More

Yeah! I am no longer an International Woman of Mystery!

I finally managed to find the right combination of documents, runes, and omens to get the Social Security office to correctly change my name on their records to match the name that I have been using for the last seventeen years.

As I posted earlier, I apparently did not get my name changed properly when I got married, which is JUST NOW showing up in the governments records as a discrepancy (and we trust these people to run the country? I mean, really!) When I went to change it before, my birth certificate and marriage license were no longer enough to validate the change. They needed some sort of evidence that I was who I said I was...seventeen years ago. It needed to be an 'official' document with my maiden name, birthdate, and SSN.

They suggested medical records. Well, my doctor has long since retired, and they never had my social security number anyways. Marriage license -- well, I had one and it doesn't contain birth date. Transcripts from nearly all major universities (the UofM is no exception) no longer include year of birth or social security number on their transcripts, because of Sarbanes-Oxley laws regarding privacy.

They eventually found the original microfiche of my two extension classes and copied those. The databases had not yet been consolidated and could still have that info on them.

So, I am who I say I am. Finally.

I rather wanted a Theme Song, though.

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