Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dungeon Construction: Day 4

No huge update last night. Felled by a migraine and we were both in bed at 9pm. So here is the Tuesday update, just a bit late.

They've got the double-walls up for the wine cellar (that was pretty hard to do, I imagine, since they couldn't actually attach it to the ceiling because of pipes. It's hung on a ledger board from the original wall). Inistead of getting an AC unit and humidifier, we're going to try a 'passive cellar'. The temperature in the basement is relatively stable -- most of the walls are buffered with another layer of concrete for the porch floor, so there is a concrete wall, six feet of dirt, and another concrete wall. The area we've put the cellar in is completely 'double-walled' like this. So, we are going to leave the concrete wall uninsulated, and super-insulate the other walls to keep that corner cool and (hopefully) moist. This can be done with regular walls and a few inches of foam board, or by two insulated single walls with a space between, which increases the r-value to some ridiculous number.

Being a bit detail oriented, I have cross section drawings for the constructions guys so they insulate this properly and get the vapor barriers on the right sides of the walls. I also have wiring diagrams for speakers and detailed descriptions of where things go. Me? Controlling?

And the HVAC guy was here, putting in new vents and returns. Apparently we're pretty lucky that we aren't boxing in the furnace and other mechanical stuff, or it would be hard to get the venting right. Since we have a large storage room that just includes the furnace, AC, and water heater, the outside air venting doesn' t have to move. Less work for the HVAC people. There's only one vent in the theatre, though. It's a long room and I wonder if it should have two. I'll ask.

The pictures haven't changed much (just a few more walls), so I'll wait until the end of Wednesday to post new pics. By the end of next week, we should have all the electrical and plumbing in place, and the first week of May wallboard and the rest. Yeeha!

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The Tiger said...

So what did you decide on wiring? Through subs or not through subs, that was the question...