Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Eagle has Landed

Aha! The Adorable Husband has successfully landed (and is still under his own power) after his first jump today with Mile-Hi Skydiving.

They cancelled jumps yesterday due to high winds, but today was gorgeous -- sunny, warm, clear, and still. He headed out to the airport this morning and did his first jump with two instructors and is elated. He says he can't remember being that scared in a long time, but he really liked it.

Me? Well, I'm not going to jump out of any airplanes, but he's going to go through the seven levels of class stuff and continue jumping, I think. I still wonder what they'll teach him in the next six classes that wasn't important for the first jump!


Karin said...

Oh yes - this sounds like my brother. He has jumped off fairly high and fast moving things in his childhood without a parachute, so let's just be glad he is wearing some sort of safety device. I can't wait to hear about it.

The Tiger said...

Maybe he'll learn to pack his own chute! That would raise the pucker factor once you get used to JUMPING OUT OF AIRPLANES! Although, I admit, I want to do it too....