Monday, April 17, 2006

Dungeon Construction: Day 3

Well, the Easter weekend was too much for the poor framers, and the contractor only had about half of his normal complement show up for work today -- lots of sick calls. So, no framers here today. Ethan assures me that the framing will still be done on schedule and we can start the hvac and electrical stuff on time.

I spent the day trying to track down some information on how to wire the 7.1 surround speakers we have selected, which have bi-polar subwoofers in the main towers for the front speakers -- and thus, do not need to have a separate sub and have their own LTE (subwoofer) inputs. We don't know if we're supposed to wire them separately using a Y-splitter, not use them, or if they are available only if you have a subwoofer to run them through. I've been wading through AV forums online for the last few days and, frankly, I'm confused. These are people who are building audio systems with four pre-ams and mono-block amplifiers and all sorts of things only truly geeky AV people do. I have no idea waht these things are -- I just want to know how to pull the wire so that we have it in place for the possible speaker configurations before we get the wallboard up.

So, I CAD'ed out the theater and the location of the speakers so we know where the wires need to go, now I just need to know what kind of wire and if I need more than one. It's not that complicated, I hope.

We've decided on Definitive Technology speakers, which have gotten rave reviews (and we liked the sound of them in the theater showroom at Magnolia), so all I need to do now is pick a receiver so we know what inputs/outputs we're working with.

And, you ask -- why am I not at work yet? I was supposed to start back today. Well, I am...sort of. THey don't have a gig for me yet, so I'm still at home and going through docs for the new toolsets and possibly doing some sales support. Otherwise, I"m technically off until next week. We'll see. It's not that big a deal, but I'm surprised they didn't have something lined up yet. So, I can hang around and "monitor" the basement building without worrying about having to run off for meetings or anything else.

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