Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joining the Workforce again

My old client (you know, the one who nearly made me crazy?) -- they must have been watching with bated breath for me to log in to IM so they could ask me back. Yikes! They really, really wanted me to come back and do more work on the reporting system I did for them. I suppose it's nice to be wanted but ...NO.

Well, almost no. I'm doing about 16 hours of work for them, including heading into the office in the tech center tomorrow morning for a 3-hour meeting to go through the reports and discuss how they should be changed and how to manage the new requirements. Apparently they want to do something entirely different (am I surprised? nah!) and can't figure out how I made the report work. It wasn't really that hard, and I thought I had documented things well...ah, well. It will be nice to see the people in the office.

I head out to Chicago on Monday for a (probably) 2-week gig. It was originally presented to me as an 8 week project, but the guy managing the sale only got the ok for 2 weeks. With no statement of work. He's done this to me before (and then I spent four weeks in Peoria!) so I'm a bit irked. But, the client sounds like a good one, and I'm working 4x10s, so we'll see how it goes. Even if it does to go 8 weeks, I can probably work remotely for half the time. Not too bad.

I think the Adorable husband is actually looking forward to me going. He hasn't really been alone in the house for...well, for three months.

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