Monday, April 24, 2006

Dungeon Construction: Day 8

More DEconstruction that construction today, since we made the poor framers take down the soffits around the beams. Our basement is unfortunately short, and since the Adorable Husband is not a short person, we have serious head-bumping issues in the basement.

They originally framed around the beams entirely, which lowered the space under them by 4 inches. Not good. Lots of forehead bruises in his future, I think. Since the original discussion we had about planning including "The husband is TALL, we neeed every single inch of headroom inthe basement we can get", they took down the original framing. They'll redo it with everything flush to the bottom of the beams, so we have as much headroom as possible. So -- lots of banging and cursing today, and only a bare dozen feet of new wall put up. Hopefully, they'll get things caught up tomorrow, or they're off schedule for the electrician.

The screen arrived today! UPS delivered it this morning. Cables should be here tomorrow (we have ordered HDMI cables and component video cables to hook everything up -- yes, I now have way more information about video signals than I ever wanted) and we now have everything except the receiver.

And -- just to add to the festive's SNOWING here. Yes, yes, we had eighty degrees on Saturday and today, a mere 48 hours later, it's snowing. I'm probably heading off to Chicago for two weeks on my new gig starting next week, too. Things are quite exciting at the Phouka household.

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