Friday, July 10, 2015

10 days and I hate the freaking boot

First followup appointment today -- the doc removed the splint and about forty yards of fluffy cotton batting and peeled off the steri-strips and pronounced things "looking good".  Not quite ready to remove the stitches yet (that will be next week).

Of course, now I have The Boot. I hate The Boot. It is heavy, unwieldy, uncomfortable, and I'm pretty much turning into a whiny monster now that I'm home. I can't fine a position that's comfortable and no matter what I do my foot is squished. Frankly, things hurt more now that they have all week. Waaaah!  I'm half-tempted to go back and ask for a splint again for the next few weeks. I can't put it down anyway -- not even toe-touching --  this is going to make my cranky.

Otherwise, though, things look good. He's not going to take out the stitches until next week. My foot looks gruesome (well, at least to me), but I'm told that it's just fine.

Me, in the ginormous boot with four wedges in it so I don't flex my foot:

Even the pillow isn't helping.

My mom sent me a care-package yesterday with four glittery pins that say "Queen", "Princess", "Bitch" and OhShit!"...and a tiara. My sister Jenna sent a light-up sparkly Princess Fairy wand. I'm set. I'm going to pick the Princess pin today, wave the Princess wand, and sulk.

I should be far enough down to post the icky pictures, for anyone who is remotely interested. Otherwise, scroll now!

First, the less-gross picture -- bruised, but not terribly swollen, really. That was surprising.

And now for those who like watching the Surgery Channel -- here's the back of my heel:

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Robin! Poor baby. Of course you hate The Boot! Ugh. I just hope that you have more patience than I would have. May tomorrow be better. Much better. Love from both of us.