Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three Week post-op

Follow-up appointment today, ostensibly to remove the stitches (which, I must admit, are beginning to itch a little bit --worse now that I had the initial thought "ooh, that itches just a little..." now it's all I can think about).  But my surgeon decided to leave them in place for another week. Heels (and feet in general) don't have a ton of blood-flow to the skin and so any incisions are very slow to heal and need much babying and care.  Everything looks good -- incision is clean, heel is pink, not too much swelling.

So, Mark got to review the MRI from last week (which is pretty cool, I must say), and we both got to look at the "after" xrays and see just how much bone he removed from my heel to get the bone spurs and Haglund's deformity removed.  I should have copies of them soon, I'll post them when we get the CDs.

But -- and here's the fabulous news! -- after much begging and reassuring him that I promise to wear The Boot every other moment of the day, I have been cleared to sleep without the boot! He figures that if my fall didn't do any damage, what could I possibly do while sleeping? If I try to move it in a way that is not good, it will wake me up.

Slightly less gruesome pictures this week -- things are less purple-y and freaky. I still have strings of stitches (which I must admit make me very queasy and barfy. I hate stitches. And my foot is still vaguely orange-ish from the betadine, since I haven't been able to get my foot wet at all. I'm  just a little bruised.

And, three weeks in the cast and boot and my left leg is all skinny and atrophied. But I don't have a lot of swelling in my foot, which is good. Back into the elastic bandage and into the boot we go!

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Mormor said...

Wonderful!! Sleep well, dear Robin.