Sunday, July 19, 2015

No incidents today!

I managed to successfully take a shower without falling, slipping, banging, or otherwise damaging myself. Yeah!!

Of course, the Adorable Husband was there the whole time and it took 45 minutes, but I feel. so much better! Whoever tells you that 'bathing' with a washcloth and washing your hair in the sink is good enough---lies. It's not. After a few days you feel awful and grimy and disgusting.

I cannot wait until I have the stitches out (Wednesday this week) and I can take a shower without the waterproof baggie thing, or even soak in the bathtub. The problem with a bath is that I don't think I can lever myself out of the's one of those huge soaker affairs and it's hard enough to get out of on a good day!

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Mormor said...

Horray!! One more step towards normalcy. :)