Saturday, July 11, 2015

Amazed...or scared

We finally bought a Dyson vacuum, after years of being told that we needed to have the "Animal" version, what with the dogs and all.

It arrived today, The Adorable Husband immediately unboxed it, put it together, and gleefully went into my office to vacuum. My office is where the dogs spend a lot of their time, I spend most of my time there, and it's vacuumed a lot less than the rest of the house since I'm almost always home when the cleaning people come, and I hate to vacuum.

Well, enough mitigation.

He was in there for less than two minutes and started laughing -- and then emerged with the bin from the vacuum cleaner...looking like this:

Ninety seconds. Seriously.

I swear, the carpet looked a bit dingy, but it wasn't awful. There weren't drifts of dog hair all over. It was even cleaned not that long ago!

So I'm sort of terrified to use it on the rest of the carpet. I don't think I want to know just how much fluff and dirt is in the carpet that looks perfectly clean to me! 

I totally understand why my sister called me up in tears when she bought one years ago -- she vacuumed every day, and this still happened to her. I sympathize!

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