Thursday, July 02, 2015

Day 2...and the nerve block has ended

Ow ow ow! The nerve block wore off some time in the middle of the night (well, mostly, my toes still feel a little electrified and stiff), but my heel has definitely started to throb and hurt. There's no real comfortable way to sit and I've morphed into a crabby whiny person.

Mark stayed home again today. He was going to go to work, but he said he realized this morning just how much he's been doing for me and that I'd be stuck if he wasn't here. He would have been home by noon, but they had enough people in the lab that he could stay home. He's been up in his office playing computer games and checking in on me every hour or so. 

Definitely taking the lovely little pain pills, although I have to rely on Mark to dole them out because I can't remember when I took the last one. I made it downstairs, in time to nap in the chair all afternoon. My life is so exciting, I tell you.

I accidentally touched my heel down on the floor -- I won't be doing that again if I can help it. Right now I'm in a hard splint wrapped up to my knee. The doc doesn't want us to mess with it until we see him on the 10th, which is my first scheduled followup. At that point, he should remove the stitches and put me in a boot.

Ok, back to sleep. That's about all I'm managing today.

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Unknown said...

Owwww! Sounds so painful! I can't believe you need to get both done! I'm glad Mark is taking care of you. Heal well! -Karin