Sunday, July 12, 2015


I finally got situated to take a shower tonight -- can take off the boot, have a waterproof leg thing to keep my foot dry, shower chair, etc. Great! Clean!

I was done, half-dressed, and leaned to open the door to call Mark to help me get the boot back on...and slipped and fell. I don't know if I stepped flat, just hit my foot, or what happened. I don't really remember what happened. I just remember that it just might be the most pain I've ever been in.

I didn't rupture the tendon -- it's still attached, at least partially and it's not rolled up into my calf, I may have torn something loose, I'm not sure. Mark got me on ice, in the chair, and calmed down enough take pain meds and then called the on-call for the orthopedist. My own surgeon called back -- there isn't much to to immediately, so he wants an MRI on Monday morning to see if I've effed up everything in my heel. I hope not. I'm on two Vicodin (twice as much as I have had to take at all, even right after surgery) and it still hurts like hell. Even the slightest movement is bad.

I am NOT happy. Freaked out, more like it. I hope things are ok, probably a set back, not something taht requires surgery again, but @%^^!@.

And, I may have broken something in my wrist. Mark thinks it's just jammed/sprained, but if it doesn't feel better in the morning, we're heading in for xrays. I can't grab/push anything, which makes it very freaking hard to use the bathroom or do anything other than sit here. I'm typing one-handed. And it's one in the morning and things hurts enough that I can't even lie down and try to sleep.

Well, even if I had planned on going to work on Monday, I think I will be off for a bit more time, it seems. 

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