Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not the worst news

Well,  my wrist isn't broken, or at least nothing obvious is - there are so many little bones taht something could be bashed, but it was proclaimed a significant sprain and they sent me home from the ER with a splint and more pain meds.

It still feels broken, so I apparently did a really good job bashing it when I fell.  My foot still hurts a lot, we're just waiting for the MRI appointment tomorrow to see if I did any real damage. Slept most of the day, after a really awful night.

I am Queen of the Klutzes! All Hail!


Lila Eickhoff said...

Sorry to hear about your foot problems and then a fall to complicate matters. I can relate - so you really have my sympathy!!
Take your pain meds - just do not get hooked on them - and try to enjoy your "vacation!" Lila

Unknown said...

I have been impaitently waiting to find out what the MRI showed - any additional damage or only additional pain? I have been feeling very sorry for you! I hope things are moving along better now.