Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crazed Weasels

Well, the beasties have "settled in" -- or at least, they have come out of their little fuzzy shells and revealed themselves for what they really are: crazed, rabid weasels. They've grasped the concept of "outside", and when we herd the crew into the backyard, they start galumphing around with wild-eyed abandon. Poor Uulaq is just trying to keep up!

I missed by a millisecond catching the puppy flinging himself off the steps like superman. They're pretty fearless little beasties. Thjs is Rowan (the boy -- now clearly identified by his blue collar!)

Perhaps a more flattering angle? They both seem fascinated by the ottoman and use it as a "fort" in the living room. Luckily, they haven't realized that they fit under the couch as well. That might make finding them a bit difficult. It's a great game: hide underneath the fort, then dart out to gnaw on the ankles of any creature that passes, before retreating again like a turtle.
One of the few moments where they're not running around like crazed weasels.

Lovely Berit (you know, the Adorable Husband picked the colors for the collars. I thought we should have purple and yellow, or something, but these are temporary, at best, so the obvious choices of blue and pink were made.)

And Rowan.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god they are *SO* cute!! SO fuzzy! The photo of Rowan under the ottoman is too cute. Now it makes me want to get out Grissom's baby collar and go "awwwwww".