Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Rose by any other Name

A bit of confusion on the naming front. So, we liked the name Berit (me from a novel, Mark because it apparently has Scandinavian roots). We originally called the little boy puppy Berit. I still think that it's a boy's name, but I've been disabused of that notion by several sources, the least of which is that every Berit my family knows is a girl.

So - since we have had less than 24 hours to try to stick a name to each of the beasts, we realized that the Adorable Husband and I both like the names Berit and Rowan but we had each assigned them to opposite dogs. In the end, we've decided that the girl is Berit and the boy is Rowan. Now all we need to do is convince them. The way to get a puppy to recognize its name is to say their name until they make eye contact, then stuff a puppy treat in their face. A bit harder with two puppies, but I figure with enough puppy treats, we can convince them of anything.

We even bought a blue collar and a pink collar, since from any distance, it's impossible to tell them apart!

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Anonymous said...

Really? That is how you have decided to handle this obvious IDENTITY CRISIS??? I'm quite certain both dogs will need therapy. Poor pups. Those people with doggie treats are quite inane. Just go along with them. In the end, you get your treats and you can always come live with auntie nic and pete. We will recognize you for who you really are.

PS---they are good dog people and you are lucky that they made their home yours. But if things don't work out, I'm not far and we will love you.