Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Smart Puppy" food

I'm a worrywart, and the Adorable Husband is finding it very, very amusing.

Iams now markets its puppy food as "Smart Puppy" food, since it contains something called DHA that enhances brain development. It's some form of natural fish oil for "optimal brain development and a smart, trainable puppy".

They note that:
A recent study from The Iams Company indicates that puppies nourished with enhanced (high) levels of DHA were significantly smarter, more trainable than typical-DHA (low-DHA) nourished puppies. (3).
Sounds like a good plan. But this was for Iams -- we feed Eukanuba (also by the Iams company). I had the Husband reduced to hysterical laughter at dinner (to the point where other people were staring at us) by wondering out loud if we "were feeding the Smart Puppy food? What if we weren't?"

"Oh, no, " he said, absolutely deadpan, "we're probably feeding the Stupid Puppy food and they'll be developmentally delayed or something!"

Apparently my expression set him off into gales of laughter. Well, I worry about these things! What if they aren't smart? I still think they aren't eating enough food and are too skinny, and he laughs at me about that, too.

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Anonymous said...

The formula we fed the girls was also DHA enhanced. In fact, it was DHA *and* RHA enhanced.....