Monday, July 02, 2007

Who's That Puppy?

Puppy pictures! Puppy pictures!

Look carefully at the two pictures. You might think that these are the same puppy.

And you'd be wrong! This is "dj" and "sweetie", the two puppies we are getting next weekend! (Well, we're working on better names, really). They are eight weeks old on Friday, very sweet. "sweetie" has the black nose, "dj" has a pinkish nose. What cuties!

I am so excited!


Nicki said...

Super cute puppies!

Laura said...

Holy buckets, they are SO CUTE!!! And so fuzzy with that baby, baby, baby fuzz. Wow.

TWO puppies?! :) Are they from the same or different litters? How old will they be when you bring them home?

The Agent of Entropy said...

Such cute fuzzy puppies

Anonymous said...

Hold on here! Where in the world did you find these pups? And two??

They are really cute. You will be off the streets and out of trouble for a while... :-)


The Tiger said...

Cute cute cute! Congratulations on the new family members!

Mrs. Monsky said...

Furray for puppies!