Thursday, July 26, 2007

Operatic Range

So, an experiment in single-puppyhood last evening. The Adorable Husband is sick (they actually think he has West Nile -- and he has the spots to prove it) so I took ONE puppy to the puppy kindergarten class.

Packed up Rowan, put his cute little harness on and went to class. Left Berit at home in the puppy pen, with a gate across my office door, just in case.

The shrieking started immediately. And continued, unabated, for two solid hours. The husband got up, picked her up and carried her around, tried to calm her go. Operatic screeching punctuated by pathetic little whimpers for the entire time we were gone. He said that nothing calmed her down.

We've had them separated before -- in fact, we're very careful to do it just so this sort of thing doesn't happen. We take them for separate walks, but apparently that's not enough. So far, it's only been for 15-20 minutes or so.

When we got home, she snorfled him all over, then laid down on top of him to sleep, still whimpering occasionally in her sleep.

I sincerely hope we haven't just cemented serious Separation Anxiety in her teeny little puppy brain! I think we'll be trying very short separations and work up to class all alone in a few weeks. Oy!

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