Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There goes more important info

I often joke that my bizarre ability to remember weird facts and trivia means that these little bits of data replace something important in my memory. Remember every wine bottle size? Whoops! There goes your memories of second grade!

The weird thing I learned yesterday? Bowling Shoes are sold as right-handed and left-handed pairs, since the soles of the shoes are different. You have a 'sliding shoe' and a 'braking shoe'. The sliding shoe is on the foot opposite your 'handed-ness', so you can do that little flourishy follow-through you see in professional bowling. If you're serious about it (like my Dad was), you might have interchangeable pads on the soles to handle different lane conditions.

Rental shoes, of course, are the same for both feet, with a composite sole that is neither grippy nor slippery.
[image from bestbowling.com]

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