Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We were 99% sure that Uulaq would love the puppies. She has always loved puppies, and she's been so lonely lately that we hoped she'd think the little creatures were there entirely for her.

Well, she does love the puppies, and other than their annoying habit of pouncing on her tail and biting it, they seem to like her, too. She's a bit nervous--she still isn't quite sure how to deal with them, but she's been very gentle and awfully tolerant of the Crazed Weasel Twins.

If they get out of line, she snarks at them. The puppies, though, were raised with three adult dogs and they know to just "stop, drop, and roll" when a big dog tells them to knock it off. If they push it too far, Uulaq will growl and they just flop down and roll over and look up at her adoringly. Like us, Uulaq is a pushover and in seconds, they are back to chasing her tail and chewing on her ears.

Every time they cry, she runs in to see what's wrong, and they actually do seem to be happier when she's around.

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