Saturday, July 14, 2007

On the way to Harvard

We took the Weasels to Puppy Kindergarten class today -- basically playtime and a Q&A session with a great dog trainer at Bolder Dog Training. We worked with Gigi ten years ago with Rukh and we decided that her guidance was at least partially responsible for the fact that he was the Best. Dog. Ever.

So we arrived at class with both puppies, with the full knowledge that we might not be able to bring them both to the same class -- one of the major concerns with raising siblings is that they become Siamese Twins, they can't do anything without the other one and focus on each other to the exclusion of everyone else, including the humans in the family. So, we talked to Gigi ahead of time to figure out how to handle it. We tried both at the same time...and it was a rousing success. With eight other dogs at the class (including a Spinone, a breed I'd never heard of before) and a couple of labs and retrievers, there was so much to see and smell that the Weasels barely noticed that they were there together. Most of the other puppies are older than they are, so they are about the same size (Rowan is about 19.2 pounds, Berit 17). Give us another few weeks and they'll be bigger than all the other puppies, but for now, they get pretty well mauled by the 14-week old chocolate lab puppy, and can't just thunder about intimidating smaller dogs.

When we brought them home, they slept for almost SIX hours. We obviously overstimulated their teeny little brains.

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