Sunday, July 29, 2007

Running with the Big Dogs

We go to puppy class twice a week. It's not actually class, of course -- it's more playtime with a five minute lesson in there somewhere, but the Weasels love it. Puppy Kindergarten is supposed to be for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks -- we're worried that in another two weeks or so, they're going to be so big we can't bring them to puppy class at all. They're already the youngest puppies in the class, and just about the biggest (the adorable Newfoundland puppy has them beat). It's so important that they get all the socialization that we can cram into their little brains, so hopefully we can manage!

At the vet today for their 11-week shots, and they weighed 24 and 26 pounds. I need to stop calling them Weasels and look for a larger animal. Badgers, maybe. Or wolverines, with those sharp fangy little teeth!

I don't have pictures of puppy class, but here are some puppy pictures to tide you over. This is what they do 90% of the time:

Look, I know there's something in there. C'mon! Dig with me!

Talk to the Paw!

Snarly Snarly Bitey face:

Drinking from the Big Dog's Bowl:

The cuteness is killing me daid. Of course, more photos on Flickr.

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