Monday, July 30, 2007

Free Ebooks

Since I got my (fabulous!) Sony eBook Reader for Christmas last year (best present ever!) I've been constantly searching for good ebooks to load and read. They have a Connect Store, which has a ton of the newest releases, and I have a program to reformat Microsoft Reader files that I buy. I've also discovered that there are thousands of free eBooks from the Gutenberg Project.

A few other places to fine free (and legal) books --
baen sci-fi -- absolutely free books in several formats, from the venerable Baen sci-fi line.
wowio -- a variety of books (mostly new releases) that are free for those registering for the site with demographic information.

I signed up for Wowio two days again, and have received no spam or other email trash that appears to be related to the signup process. They require a verifiable email address (not hotmail or yahoo or other anonymous-type emails), and that always makes me a bit nervous, but so far, nothing has arrived.

Very cool.

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