Friday, July 20, 2007


I was woken up this morning by...two extremely happy little puppy faces at the side of my bed. On the second floor. Past both the puppy prison playpen and door gate meant to keep them in my office.

It took me a few moments to realize that something was wrong with this picture and quite a bit longer to chase down the little weasels and get them back downstairs (since they apparently can go UP the stairs, but not down.)As far as I can tell, they had broken out of puppy jail by pushing the whole playpen thing about six feet, until the free end was finally past the edge of the bookcase and then slipped out to run amok in the house. I have no idea how long they were out before they ventured upstairs -- but there was suprisingly little damage, all told. Shredded toilet paper, all the kitchen towels in the living room in little spit-soaked heaps, my shoes all over, tipped-over bag of dog food.

Uulaq was hiding in the other bedroom. She must have thought it was her fault they were loose and she didn't want to be anywhere near the fallout when I discovered that she'd let them run around the house!

No pee spots (at least that I can find). They must have had a great time!

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Laura said...

That is awesome! Could your puppies be any cuter??